Pre-K to Grade 12

Our purpose at RHSA is to help parents supplement their children’s Home School education. Parents are the primary educators, we are merely here to assist you in your efforts.

At RHSA, Parents have the option to enroll their student in just one class or fill the whole day with classes.  Our teachers organize their classes by age. If your child does not fall into the age range listed by the teacher, you may contact the teacher and ask your student to be considered for their class. However, the decision is in the hands of the teacher and RHSA supports that decision


The Class Schedule Grid is an overview of all the classes that are offered, their class times, ages allowed, and fees.

The Class Catalog allows you to search and view the detail description for a class.


Elementary Grades Pre-K to 5


RHSA offers many academic and fun enrichment classes to fill your elementary student's day. We offer a 2 hour Pre-K class in the morning and a 2 hr Kinder class in the afternoon. From reading to science to art, you will find many classes that your student will enjoy. Please refer to our Class Schedule Grid to view classes for your age group.







Jr. High Grades 5-8


RHSA classes are organized by age range and can accommodate different grade levels. For example, a drawing class may span all grade levels while a science class could have both older elementary and Jr. high students. In some cases, an older Jr. High student may be ready to take a High School level class. If so, you may contact the teacher to see if your student is eligible for the class. We have listed our core Jr. High classes. Click on a subject to read its description. For a list of all classes offered by age group please refer to our Class Schedule Grid

High School
Grades 9 - 12


RHSA is a community of experienced teachers and families that can help you home school through high school. As a parent, you decide which classes your student will take during high school. You may take as few or as many as you like at RHSA. The Physics and the Anatomy & Physiology class alternate every year. American History and World History alternate every year. The HS Writing and Literature class corresponds to the current year's history classes. 


We have listed our core HS classes to help you complete recommended TEA guidelines for graduation. Click on a subject to read its description. For a list of all classes by age group, including Electives, please refer to our Class Schedule Grid

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